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Mechatronics Engineering

Due to recent advances in technology, machines got more functional, more efficient and smarter. As a consequence of this, a new branch of engineering namely mechatronics engineering, integrating different disciplines such as mechanical, electronics and computer engineering was born. The main focus of mechatronics engineers is the development of the efficient, functional and smart machines from the conceptual design to production. Robots, unmanned air vehicles (UAV), smart systems and automation systems are some of the subjects that mechatronics engineers are interested in. Another focus of mechatronics engineers is in the field of aerospace and aeronautics, which is the specialized area of our university. In our department, considering the multidisciplinary nature of mechatronics engineering, we provide a sound theoretical background blended with intense experimental and design experience with our young and competent faculty.

Job Opportunities

Mechatronics engineers work as systems engineers, hardware engineers, software engineers and project managers in big companies (MAN, FORD, ASELSAN) specialized in manufacturing, automotive and defense sectors. Our graduates may also work in aerospace and aeronautical industries in modelling, prototype development, space robotics, remote sensing and control system design fields.

Considering the interdisciplinary nature of mechatronics engineering and the fact that our university houses many different engineering disciplines, such as computer, electronics, industrial, mechanical, aerospace, aeronautical engineering, studying mechatronics engineering in our university will be the right choice for highly motivated and enthusiastic students.