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Laboratory Facilities of Our Department:

  1. Fundamentals of Mechatronics Engineering Laboratory: This laboratory is designed to introduce the fundamental concepts of mechatronics engineering. It consists of 15 fully equipped experiment tables for 30 students with a power source, breadboards and hand tools for mechanical and electronics prototyping and an easy-to-program mobile robot. There is also a Vex Robotics classroom kit with Cortex for practicing advanced programming and control tasks.

Easy-to-program Robot Kit Vex Robotics Classroom Kit Breadboard
  1. Computer Aided Design Laboratory: This laboratory is a fully equipped laboratory for computer aided design and modeling purposes. It consists of 30 workstation-grade PC’s with SolidWorks, computer aided design and analysis software and Matlab, state-of-the-art dynamical modeling, control, design and analysis software.


Matlab A Design in Solidworks


  1. Mechatronic Components Laboratory:This laboratory is designed to introduce the basic building blocks of mechatronics engineering. It consists of 15 fully-equipped experiment tables for 30 students consisting of Arduino experiment set, various sensors (accelerometer, gyro, potentiometer, infrared distance sensors) and actuators (RC servo motors, DC servo motors, brushless DC motors).

Arduino Inventor’s Kit Arduino Uno R3 Microcontroller Board
  1. Mechatronic Instrumentation Laboratory: This laboratory is designed to introduce the principles of PC-based control of dynamical systems. Main emphasis will be on Matlab based real-time control using Real-time Target PC and xPC Toolboxes. The laboratory consists of various setups from Quanser (Angular position/speed control, inverted pendulum, 2-DOF robot arm, ball and beam setups) and Humusoft Data Acquisition boards from Humusoft.

Rotary Inverted Pendulum from Quanser Ball and Beam Setup from Quanser 2 DOF Robot Arm from Quanser
  1. Electronics and Mechanics Prototyping Laboratory: This laboratory is designed to provide electronics and mechanical prototyping facilities to the students in their courses. It consists of a PCB prototyping machine from LPKF, manual through-hole riveting tool, Mojo 3D printer from Stratasys, CNC planar cutter from Roland.


uPrint SE 3D Printer from Stratasys ProtoMat E33 PCB Prototyping from LPKF NC-D1390 CO2 Laser Cutter
  1. Unmanned Systems Laboratory: This laboratory is designed to introduce unmanned autonomous systems. It is equipped with an advanced UAV from TURKUAV capable of remote controlled and autonomous flight and various autonomous ground robots.


Fully autonomous TURKUAV Quadrotor Fully Autonomous Mobile Robot


  1. Mechatronic Systems Design Laboratory: This laboratory is intended to be used in the design related courses. It equips various prototyping tools, fully functional design table consisting of power source, breadboards and mechanical tools. There is also a small machine shop consisting of a drill, electrical foam cutter and an electrical saw for simple prototyping tasks.
    Electrical Saw Electrical Foam Cutter Benchtop Drill