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Welcome to the webpage of the Mechatronics Engineering Department at the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association (UTAA).  Here you will find a brief review of the scope of the Mechatronics Engineering  and the education  and research oppurtunities that our depaertment  provides for the students.

The word “mechatronics” was derived from the combination of the words  mechanics and electronics.  As the technological systems evolved to be more and more complex, Mechatronics Engineering became a system design engineering  integrating various disciplines such as mechanical, electronics, computer and control engineerings. Due to its unifying vantage point of many engineering branches,  Mechatronics Engineering led to a great number of useful designs and inventions. There are many applications of Mechatronics Engineering ranging from robotic industry to automotive industry, medicine, machine manifacturing, aeronautics and defense industry. Moreover, overwhelming advancements in technology necessiate a  close colloboration and information exchange between various branches of science and technology  which also enhances the importance of the Mechatronics Engineering.

In our department,  conforming with the mission of our university,  the curriculum is designed in such a way that technological developments in aeronautics and astronautics  will be easily followed by the students. Nowadays Mechatronics Engineers are needed in the fields that require design skills such as robotics and mechanical systems, microcontroller and microprocessor decision and evaluation systems, auto-pilots and unmanned systems.

We not only aspire to bring our students to the cutting-edge of Mechatronics Enginering in the context of aviation by the end of their graduation, we also aim to give a solid  background in mathemetical sciences  leading to a succesful carier.